Fixed-Rate Bond

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Definition: Fixed-Rate Bond

It refers to a bond whose coupon rate remains fixed over the specified term of the bond. As we know, bond is a form of debt that the company assumes when it has to raise money. A bond can be of various types. Fixed rate bond is one of the simplest kinds of bonds.

Let us understand with a basic example.

Say a bond with maturity in August 2025 is currently trading at 105 and has a annual coupon rate of 5 %. This means it is a 10 year bond with a fixed rate payment of 5%. So to value this bond we will ascertain the cash flows as:

Year 0: -105

Year 1: +5

& so on till

Year 10: +5+100(Principal has been repaid)

In contrast, floating rate bond follows certain metric that decides its coupon rate. Inflation indexed bonds are one of the most commonly known floating rate bonds.


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