Brokerage Supervisor

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Definition: Brokerage Supervisor

Brokerage Supervisor is associated with a brokerage firm. Brokerage supervisor hires, trains and manages brokers to carry out operations of a brokerage firm.

Brokerage firm work as an agent to help investors in buying and selling of equities, securities and other financial products. Full service brokerage firm is also involved in making recommendations and giving advice to investors for their investment. Broker is an employee of a brokerage firm who directly works with investor, support them in buying and/or selling of financial products and charge commission or fees in exchange of services.

Brokerage supervisor hires such brokers, trains them and manages them to carry out the operations of a firm. He plays a critical role in managing brokers. He is mainly involved in hiring brokers as per firm’s criteria, delegating work to them and monitoring of given tasks.

Brokerage supervisor needs to have prior knowledge and experience of broking and he should possess mathematical skills, technical skills and management skills. He needs to be updated with all the deals and clientele involving his/her firm.


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