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Definition: MSCI ACWI

Morgan Stanley Capital International All Country World Index Ex-U.S. or MSCI ACWI Ex-U.S.,is a stock market index of 1642 stocks and is one of the most commonly used benchmark for global stocks.

The index consists of a collection of stocks of the developed markets of the world. Notable, it does not include stocks of emerging countries. It includes securities from 23 countries.

Let us try to understand what a stock market index is.

A stock market index indicates worth of a section of stock market, whose companies’ stocks are part of the index.

In Indian context, we have market indices Nifty and Sensex. These 2 are a barometer of the health of the economy as they consist of stocks of all major industries.

Sensex (BSE) consists of 30 stocks, Nifty (NSE) consists of 50 stocks.

In US markets, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is the oldest and most commonly used stock market index.


Hence, this concludes the definition of MSCI ACWI along with its overview.

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