Natural Guardian

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Definition: Natural Guardian

Natural Guardian is a commonly known legal term, which refers to a child’s parent. The mother or father of a minor child, is automatically a natural guardian by law. The primary role of a guardian is the well being of the child and taking important legal decisions on behalf of the child.

For eg. opening a bank account of a child requires a the credentials and proofs of a guardian.

Natural Guardian is required for financial and medical issues as it is widely acknowledged and known beyond doubt, that a child is not capable of taking the right decisions for himself. It is in such situations that Natural Guardian takes centrestage by taking decisions on the behalf of the child.

On the contrary, incase of a child without parents (because of demise or divorce) the court can nominate an appointed guardian who can fulfill the responsibilities of the parents and help in the upbringing of the child.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Natural Guardian along with its overview.


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