Today’s Low

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Definition: Today’s Low

Today’s low is security’s intraday lowest trading price. Today’s low can be lower than the opening price or the closing price of a security. It is the lowest price occurred during the trading hours in a day. While looking at any security’s quote, Today’s Low is shown.

Day Traders and Technical Analyst use today’s low and today’s high to know the price movement of security. Day traders buy the securities at low price whose daily price movement is large and sell them at higher prices. Today’s low and Todays high are important indicators for intraday trading and are also used in technical analysis. Technical analysts take these indicators into consideration while analysing entry and exit points for any particular security.


For example, if I am looking at L&T’s quote online dated 26/09/2015 just below the price of the stock today’s low/high and 52 week low/high are given. On 26th September Today’s Low for L&T was 1460.05 which means that on 26th September, L&T’s stock price went down to 1460.05 during trading hours.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Today’s Low along with its overview.


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