Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index

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Definition: Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index

It is a stock index weighted on market capitalisation to represent the fifty largest and most liquid stocks traded on stock exchanges of Brazil, India, Russia and China (also China Offshore) markets.


The China Offshore stocks include those which operate in mainland China but are listed in Hong Kong or US. The stocks which are eligible to be included in Bric 50 Index are H-shares, ADR’s and US listed stocks. The index is generally used as basis for Exchange Traded Funds and derivatives. The base date for Bric 50 index is December 2002 and base value is 100. The index is calculated using Laspeyres’s formula that is it measures the price variations against a fixed based period quantity weight. The selection list for stock index contains the top 30 companies in Brazil, India and China exchanges and 10 for Russia based on float adjusted market capitalisation. The number of shares is separately found for each class of stock. The data is obtained from different sources such as data vendors, exchanges, regulators and also from the companies.

The BRIC 50 index is reviewed and reconstituted annually while weightings can be adjusted quarterly. As per data calculated at the end of October 2015, country allocation in index are China with 59.64%, India with 20.21%, Brazil with 12.63% and Russia with 7.63%. The sector allocation is Financials with 39.31%, Technology with 29.07%, Oil and Gas with 12.91%, Telecommunications with 7.61% etc. Some of the famous companies included are Alibaba Group Holding ADR, Infosys Ltd, Housing Development Finance Corp and ADR.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index along with its overview.

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