Customer Invoicing/Accounting

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Definition: Customer Invoicing/Accounting

Invoicing is the process to itemize the transactions with the customer. An invoice is a commercial document, issued by the seller to the buyer. It contains list of items with their price and quantity, date, unique invoice number and tax details.

The requirements of a good customer invoicing are:

• Effective and efficient processing to request and accept the payments from customer

• Good invoice format

• Multiple user access

• Backup and interruption plans to tackle the service outages

• Flexible reporting

• Good email invoice system

For micro, small and medium enterprises, invoicing becomes far more important as they don’t want their money to be stuck for long. A customer usually doesn’t pay until you ask for it, so invoicing becomes vital.

Following steps should be kept in mind to make the invoicing better:

• Include all the information in the invoice like company name, unique invoice number etc.

• Clearly display the word “Invoice” on the document

• Statements should be readable and clear

• The free space on the document should be properly utilized, say for the advertisements of the company

• Retain the invoice documents properly and always know your obligations

• Send the receipt digitally or physically or by both means, depending upon the choice of the customer

• Send an extra envelope to the customer in which they can return the payment

• Before sending the invoice, call the customers to cross-check whether the price written is right or not

• Know the industry norms, like what is the average cycle of payments for example 30 days or 45 days

• Number the invoices sequentially, develop a good numbering system for that

• Always keep a backup vendor

• Choose a good software system from a reliable vendor

• Never jump directly to legal battle in case of defaults. Negotiations can save you a lot of money and help to retain good customer relationship as well

• Always know your customer well, get as much information as you can

• State full payment terms on the invoice


Hence, this concludes the definition of Customer Invoicing/Accounting along with its overview.

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