Blue Cross

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Definition: Blue Cross

Industry- Medical Health Insurance

Founded- 1929

Headquarters- Michigan Plaza Chicago, Illinois

Blue cross is an independent non for profit profit U.S. corporation that operates as a health insurance agency, it provides protection to any enrolled patient bycovering all or part of the patient’s hospital expenses involved in his treatment, depending upon the agreed clauses of insurance policy. Blue Cross programs are different in different communities and countries because of state law that regulate them. Blue cross also takes care of the reimbursement of the hospital expenses of the registered person. Blue Cross operates along with the Blue Shield and together they are known as Blue Cross and Blue Shield Associations (BCBSA). Blue Cross comes under the same national federation of independently owned companies.

Simply, it provides a hospital expense plan which provides cover against the hospital treatment with some specific restrictions.

The medical benefits can also include the family of the employee, depending upon the policy he has subscribed to.

Lets understand more clearly how Blue Cross operates: for example, if Mark is enrolled with the Blue Cross for a medical insurance policy which covers certain pre-agreed medical treatments, while going back home from office he meets an accident and fractures his left leg. He’s taken to nearest hospital which comes under the Blue Cross, now there his entire treatment or part treatment expenses will be covered by the Blue Cross adhering to the clauses of the insurance policy of Mark with Blue Cross. For providing medical insurance policy to its subscribers, the Blue Cross charges certain amount of regular premium as its fees for providing this service.

There is another Blue Cross that operates in United Kingdom. Here it is a registered animal welfare charity, founded in 1897 as Our Dumb Friends League. The charity provides support for the pet owners who cannot afford the private veterinary treatments, Blue Cross helps to find homes for the unwanted animals, and educates the people around towards the responsibilities of animal ownership.The charity works closely with a number of other organizations to promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Blue Cross along with its overview.

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