Fixed Overhead

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Definition: Fixed Overhead

Fixed overhead is an arrangement of expenses that don't fluctuate as a consequence of changes in action. These expenses are required with a specific end goal to work a business. One ought to dependably know about the aggregate sum of settled overhead expenses that a business acquires, with the goal that administration can plan to create an adequate measure of commitment edge from the offer of items and administrations to at any rate counterbalance the measure of fixed overhead.

Since fixed overhead expenses don't change significantly, they are anything but difficult to anticipate, thus ought to once in a while fluctuate from the planned sum. These expenses additionally once in a while fluctuate from period to period, unless a change is brought about by a contractual adjustment that modifies the expense.

Allocation of Fixed Overhead Cost

Fixed overhead cost are dispensed to items utilizing the accompanying steps:

• Allocate all costs caused in the period that are identified with manufacturing plant fixed overhead to a cost pool.

• Determine a premise of distribution for applying the overhead to items, for example, the quantity of direct work hours brought about per item, or the quantity of machine hours utilized.

• Partition the aggregate in the cost pool by the aggregate units of the premise of distribution utilized as a part of the period. For instance, if the settled overhead cost pool was $100,000 and 1,000 hours of machine time were utilized as a part of the period, then the altered overhead to apply to an item for every hour of machine time utilized is $100.

• Apply the overhead in the expense pool to items at the standard designation rate. In a perfect world, this implies a portion of the dispensed overhead is charged to the expense of merchandise sold (for products created and sold inside of the period) and some is recorded in the stock (resource) account (for products delivered and not sold inside of the period).


Samples of Fixed overhead cost that can be found all through a business are:

• Insurance

• Salaries

• Depreciation

• Amortization

• Utilities like water and electricity


Hence, this concludes the definition of Fixed Overhead along with its overview.

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