Throwaway Products

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Definition: Throwaway Products

Products that are discarded after being used are called throwaway products.The throw-away society is a human society which is influenced strongly by the rising consumerism. It holds critical view of excessive production of the short lived products and overconsumption. There has been global concern on the high cost of the throwaway culture.

Packaging waste in on rise, studies show that product waste (packaging and old products) has grown ten folds. A study by university of Arizona indicates that 40-50% of all edible food is never eaten that translates into $43bn worth of food that is thrown away.

Below are the problems with throwaway :

• Landfill space is limited

• A good amount of trash in the ocean becomes micro-particles

• Habit of throwing away out of societal pressure and hence increasing the garbage for the future

• Non recyclable products have lesser economic value as compared to the greener products

• Trash in ocean absors oil hence makes more difficult to clean up, which eventually enters the food chain

Ways towards responsible throwing away :

• Sort the trash into recyaclable and non-recyclable

• Try to gets things fixed before throwing them away

• Do not burn trash as it releases many toxins into the environment

• Convert food leftovers into compost

• Buy or consume only as much as its really needed

• Avoid using disposable products that forms trash

• Try to buy recyclable products

• Support enviromenet friendly legislations


Hence, this concludes the definition of Throwaway Products along with its overview.

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