Student Visa

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Definition: Student Visa

Student Visa can be defined as special endorsement that governments give to students who enrol themselves at foreign educational institutions. Most countries issue student visas to allow students from other countries to attend colleges within their borders.

Generally F1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that is given to students who wish to study in US. The F1 visa is relatively easy to acquire but can be time consuming. There are certain requirements a student must fulfil before they get a student visa.

1. Temporary Residence in Foreign Country and Intentions to Return Home – It is imperative that a student wishes to return home after completing his or her study in the foreign institution. If the student has desires to become a permanent resident of foreign country his/her visa will most likely be denied.


2. Admission to an Approved School – Student must be able to prove acceptance by an institution of a foreign country.


3. Financial Support – Student visa holders must have sufficient financial support to cover their living expenses as employment opportunities would be minimal.


It's vital to recollect that F1 visas are planned for full-time understudies and are not outlined as work visas. In view of this, worldwide understudies are able to work 20 hours a week on grounds when school is in session and full-time while school is in break, however you might need to look for endorsement from the Department of Homeland Security and the International Office at your school first. Working illegally while on a F1 visa is a genuine infringement of the regulations, and could bring about extradition. Moreover, F1 visa holders are qualified to apply for authorization to work off grounds for up to 12 months. This consent is called Optional Practical Training (OPT) and permits F1 understudies to prepare, and along these lines work, in a field that is identified with their field of study. For more data, make sure to contact a worldwide understudy counsellor at your school.

However OPT is customarily utilized as a part of the accompanying circumstances:

• Low maintenance work amid the F1 understudy's studies.

• full-time work amid times of break

• After graduation in a field identified with the project of study.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Student Visa along with its overview.

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