Lien Sale

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Definition: Lien Sale

In finance terms, lien sale is the offer of the case or "hold" put on an advantage for fulfill an unpaid obligation. Regularly, lien sales are directed as open barters and the lien is on land, cars and other individual property. Contingent upon a specific state's laws, temporary workers, subcontractors and suppliers might put a lien on a bit of property they have taken a shot at pending installment for administrations rendered.

Purchasing reprobate expense liens at a deal is turning into an inexorably mainstream type of contributing, and is like acquiring a long haul Certificate of Deposit (CD). However not at all like a CD, charge liens can't be sold back to the saddling power and must be held until they are reimbursed. Recovery of the obtained lien is regularly at a given rate of return inside of a predefined time period.


A lien sale can also be defined as a sale led by an administrative office when a property proprietor has neglected to pay the land charges due. The organization puts a lien on the property break even with in quality to the assessments due and continues to direct a lien sale to gather these monies. The lien may be purchased by an individual or element by paying the monies due. The lienholder won't have proprietorship yet keeps on paying the assessments for the time it holds the lien, and can gather an additional charge and enthusiasm on the installments from the property proprietor.


On the off chance that a man has repaired, outfitted supplies or materials, towed or put away a vehicle AND has not been paid for the administrations rendered, that individual has a lien against the vehicle. The lien emerges at the time the enrolled proprietor is given a composed proclamation of charges for finished work or administrations.

On the off chance that the vehicle is towed by an open organization or private towing organization, the lien emerges when the vehicle is towed or transported. The lien may be fulfilled by offering the vehicle through the lien deal process.

To lead a lien sale, the individual/lienholder must have ownership of the vehicle and have lien deal approval from DMV. Invested individuals, including the enlisted and legitimate proprietors of record will be told before the deal happens. In the event that the vehicle's quality is $4,000 or less, the enrolled and legitimate proprietors of record will be informed by the gathering leading the lien.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Lien Sale along with its overview.

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