Electronic Blue Sheet

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Definition: Electronic Blue Sheet

Electronic Blue Sheet is an automated system, where blue sheet is the plea requested by regulatory agencies like security and exchange commissions, asking for information related to a transaction in trading activity leading to a significant price changes and movement in the stock market.

Blue sheet are the used by regulatory agencies to ask for clarification and monitoring of any unlawful and illegal activity in trading. In India Security and exchange commission ie SEBI and FINRA (self-regulatory agency) in US uses blue sheet to monitor the trading transactions.

Example- If there is some trading activity between two trading companies, Company ABC and company XYZ and if the regulatory agencies feels that due to this transaction it has led to significant change in price movement of the stock then the security and exchange commission will issue a plea requesting for blue sheet for the transaction having all the information related to the trading activity ie the seller name, buyer name, quantity of stock traded and at what price the trade happened.

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