Gross Weight

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Definition: Gross Weight

The gross weight is defined as, the total weight of the package that they are carrying plus the weight of container ,trailer or whichever they are carrying .That means it considers the total weight (package weight +Container weight).

There is important difference between Net weight and Gross Weight. In Gross weight while we consider the overall weight of container plus package inside ,Net weight gives us the weight of the package only.

Another concept is Tar weight ,Tar Weight is the weight of the Container only and not the package weight that is inside the container.

This can be explained with the help of a example.

Consider a bottle of Shampoo

Gross Weight = Overall Weight of Package that is the shampoo bottle(plastic bottle + Liquid Inside)

Tar Weight=Weight of the plastic container which Hold the liquid

Net weight =The weight of only the liquid which is inside the plastic container

Net weight= Gross Weight- Tar Weight

In all the different means of transportation the Air, Land or Sea Gross weight changes it's meanings

For air Transport Gross weight would include everything from weight of the air craft ,people to the package

For land Transport Gross Weight include The weight of the package plus the weight of the wagon or truck which is carrying it.

For Sea as mentioned above will be the criterion for Gross weight.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Gross Weight along with its overview.

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