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Definition: Producerism

Producerism is an ideology which states that the normal hardworking middle class people, small businessmen and entrepreneurs are the ones who create wealth for the society which are inherited by the unproductive aristocrats of the society who hold back these ordinary workers. Also there are some lazy elements at the bottom of the social hierarchy who hold back these actual producers.

Therefore people who believe in the Producerism ideology support skilled-craft trade unions, small businesses and the government putting regulations on trade unions as small businesses are seen as a part of the hardworking middle class people and big businesses are viewed to belong to parasitic aristocrats. Producerist’s do not support left wing or revolutionary unions who support the lower ranks of the society who rely on government welfare instead of working. ‘The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and the middle class being squeezed between the two’, is a view of Producerism. Producerism supports small businesses and workers while it opposes free trade, large businesses and globalization.

Producerism believes that the aristocrats of the society drain the ordinary middle class by machinations and by restricting free enterprise with political connections. They also avoid taxes and hence the tax burden falls on the honest middle class small businessmen. Also the middle class is drained by people from the bottom rung of the society, people such as the illegal immigrants who survive on government benefits which the government gives from the money paid by the middle class honest tax payers. These people at the bottom of the society are lazy and do not work even if they can work and they very conveniently survive on government welfare. In US people holding producerist view do not trust either of the political parties there. They do not support the Republican Party as it advocates and supports corrupt big businesses and they do not support the Democratic Party because they believe in giving welfare to the unproductive lower class illegal immigrants.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Producerism along with its overview.

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