Current Account

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Definition: Current Account

Current account may refer to either Current Account of a country or Current deposit account maintained by a bank.

The balance of payments primarily contains of 2 accounts- Current Account and Capital Account. Current account is the sum of balance of trade, i.e. total exports - total imports of a country + transfers into the country - transfer outside the country. It does not include transactions in financial assets or financial liabilities. If there is an increase, i.e. a surplus in a nation's current account, it results in corresponding increase in the nation's net foreign assets and whenever there is a deficit, it results in corresponding decrease in net foreign assets.

The current deposit account is primarily for the businessmen, companies, firms and other organizations which have heavy transactions. Savings accounts usually have restriction on the amount and the frequency of withdrawals, therefore current account facility is available where there are no restrictions in transactions. But there is no interest on deposit balances. Rather there's an operational charge which is to be paid for customized transactions. Overdraft facility is also available in current account.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Current Account along with its overview.

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