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Definition: Esteem Needs

Esteem needs are an internal quality of a human, which is reliant on external factors or surroundings. Needs steer human behavior and esteem needs drive confidence, positive-belief, assurance, strength, individual importance, reception by society and admiration from others. Esteem needs are a source of motivation as the individual feels rewarded & appreciated.

Esteem needs layered in fourth place of Hierarchy of Needs Maslow of human motivation. It is often used as a reward and someone can be rewarded at a low level (“Thank you, Appreciation or Admiration”) and at a greater level (“Big promotion, lifelong achievement award or some outstanding performance awards”). Rewards can be intrinsic or extrinsic, but esteem often acts as an intrinsic reward, which makes it more powerful. Without a sense of our own self, our motivation will be limited and it’ll be very difficult for us to take decisions in our day to day life and even to take the simplest steps towards our basic achievements. Self-esteem is a vital part of our own-self motivation and gives us our true identity and respects from others. In the Maslow hierarchy, esteem needs are preceded by physiological, safety and love & belongingness, and after it comes the self actualization needs.

Importance of Esteem Needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs help human being realize fulfilling needs from the bottom of the pyramid and self-esteem needs cites to a human’s beliefs about their own identity and value. Esteem needs has to do with one’s confidence, strength, personal importance, respect etc., and heavily influences people’s choices and decisions. It also gives a person a wide range of motivation to value their feelings, things and self-identity and who does not already have it or has a low self-esteem, it makes difficult to achieve their goals and does not allow to explore their full potential. Our state of mind drives our actions. We achieve life when we can visualize our success and here self-esteem comes into the picture which makes it possible. Most people trust their personal perception on things that happen in their life, so we have to channel our thoughts to bring out the best achievable way towards our goals. In other hands the negativity in our surroundings affect our visions, decisions, feelings, strengths etc., and that can overcome by a strong belief on ourselves and on our self-esteem.

Esteem Needs

Advantages of Esteem Needs

1. Below are some factors and these can be achievable through a great self-esteem.

• Good Thoughts and great perception

• Respect from others

• Good Relationship with other people

• Better decision making

• More Focused

2. It also helps to build us stronger from inside out.

Disadvantages of Esteem Needs

1. Our thoughts are our best ally but it is also the worst critic.

2. High esteem makes a person dissatisfied due to not getting desired goals hence makes them depressed and lonely.

Example of Esteem Needs

In this example we’ll observe Rohit, who was preparing hard for Civil Service examinations. Though he is very studious but he got failed in his first attempt. He got over from this and tried for the second time and the result was same and it happened couple of times more. Now the question is “what would have you done if you were Rohit?” or put your guesses what Rohit did after this, let’s see. This time he did it and achieved his goal. Now what made Rohit to achieve his goal? It’s his self-esteem that made him to accept his failures and made him not to give-up.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Esteem Needs along with its overview.

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