Institute of international finance (IIF)

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Definition: Institute of international finance (IIF)

Formed in 1983, Institute of international finance (IIF) is the only global association of financial institutions.  It was formed in response to the international debt crisis and the objective was to form an institution that meets the changing need of financial institutions.  Members of IIF include most of the world’s largest commercial banks and investment banks, and number of insurance companies and investment management firms. Some of the key objectives of IIF include:

a)     Provide high quality analysis and research to its members on emerging markets

b)    Develop and promote constructive proposals for common interest to participants in global financial markets

c)     Work in collaboration with policymakers, regulators and organizations to make the global financial system more efficient and transparent

d)    Provide a network for its members to offer opportunities for effective dialogue among policymakers, regulators, and private sector financial institutions.

e)     Define, articulate, and promote best practices and industry standards in areas such as risk management and analysis, disclosure, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.



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