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Definition: Intrapreneur

An Intrapreneur is an entrepreneur within an organization. This term is used to describe an employee in the organization who might be a team member or a higher level executive who would not be able to start a new business but have the ideas to do so.

Such employees are given an opportunity to apply these principles of entrepreneurship to fulfill the roles within the company itself. Intrapreneurs think and behave like owners. The word “Intrapreneur” was first coined by Gifford Pinchot in 1978.


• Dependency: Intrapreneur is dependent on the owner of the firm i.e. the entrepreneur

• Fund Financing: Funds are not brought out by the employees i.e. intrapreneurs

• Operation: the individuals work for the organization itself

• Risk: Risk is minimal because funds are financed by the company and there might be a very less loss for the intrapreneur

• New Ideas are easy to implement with no much friction from the management in the case of an intrapreneurship

The employees in an organization remain in the same position but are given an option to expand a new idea or project. There would be no restrictions in pursuing their idea giving them the feel of an entrepreneur. They even have the firm’s resources at their disposal.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Intrapreneur along with its overview.


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