Integrated Disability Management Program

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Definition: Integrated Disability Management Program

An integrated approach to disability management involves identifying disability on the part of an employee before claims are filed so as to save on expenses as well as productivity. Under an Integrated Disability Management Program (IDMP), all coverage options are integrated under one roof. The idea is to provide proactive prevention-oriented support to employees.

IDMPs provide advantages of early intervention as well as of supporting other management programs. They lead to cost savings, decreased lost time and fewer leaves of absence. For the employee too it provides a simplified process and thereby increases satisfaction.

Because costs and staffing concerns are high, a phased approach is recommended. Not only rising healthcare costs but also regulatory and administrative costs also increase the odds.

As an example, an employee who reports health concerns due to increased productivity on the job may benefit from wellness-focussed interventions. Failing to comply with such procedures may result not only in dissatisfaction on the part of employees but may also invite litigation.

An IDMP may also permit eligible employees to work in temporary or transitional work assignments at a time when they are unable to undertake work in their usual capacity.


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