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Definition: Stress

Stress is defined as a reaction to any outward/ inward stimuli which effects a person’s mental or physical equilibrium. Even though we might try to avoid it but it’s omnipresent. It triggers a fight or flight response causing adrenaline & cortisol (hormones) to surge through the body. It’s a response to the environmental condition.

Types of Stress:

1. Acute Stress: It is most commonly experienced stress. The main reason for such kind of stress is the pressure experienced in the past & the one which the person anticipates for future. If it is experienced in small doses it’s thrilling but if a person gets overburdened then it becomes exhausting. Eg. Skiing beyond your limits can lead to broken bones, in the similar manner overdoing of short term stress can lead to psychological distress, upset stomach etc. Common symptoms of acute stress is:

(a) Emotional Distress

(b) Physical Distress

2. Episodic Acute Stress: People who experience this type of stress are always in a hurry, always tensed about the work they are doing. Such people are short-tempered, irritable, anxious and tensed. They are always nervous & the workplace becomes a very stressful place for them. Type A personality people come in this category.

3. Chronic Stress: Acute stress can be thrilling and exiting but chronic stress is always harmful. It wears away people, year after year. It destroys body, minds and lives. It’s the stress of poverty. It may stem from traumatic early childhood which becomes internalized and is always painful. It affects a person’s personality. It kills through suicide, heart attack, stroke and even cancer.

Disadvantages of Stress:

1. Raises heart rate and damages a person’s immune system.

2. Effects a person’s personality and in the long run effects the personal life of an individual.

Affects a person’s mind and hence affects his decision making abilities.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Stress along with its overview.

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