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Definition: Checklist

A checklist is a kind of informational job method used to minimize the failure by making up for potential limits of human memory and attention. It helps in keeping a track of all that is needed in completion of any given task in a very organized and structured manner. It ensures the completeness and consistency in carrying out a task. A simple example is the "to do list." One of the advanced checklist can be a schedule, which organizes the tasks to be done as per the time of day or any other factors.

Checklists are often seen as a list with small checkboxes on a page as per the convenience of an individual. It is usually a small tick or a checkmark is drawn in the box after that particular part of the task has been completed. There can some other formats also that can be sometimes used. For example, an aviation checklist usually consists of different must do actions that the pilot adheres too before taking off the flight as safety measures.


Various are some different examples of checklists, which are as follows:-

1. Sales Checklist

2. Shipping Checklist

3. Honeymoon Checklist

4. Vehicle Inspection

5.Groceries Checklist

6.Travel Checklist

7. Bill Payment Checklist

8. Housekeeping Checklist

9. Event Checklist

10. Packing Checklist


Some applications of Checklists are as follows:

1. It is often seen used by individual investor or any firm as a crucial part of their investment process.

2. Used by the Pilot before the flight takes off.

3. Used during operations procedure in the industry.

4. Used during the quality check assurance of software engineering, such as to check the process compliances, code standardization and the error prevention.

5. Often used at the assembly line of any production plant.


- It comes out to be very handy, so that we don’t miss out on any important or silly tasks.

- Checklists can help us integrate the use of checklist in a more adaptive and flexible problem solving techniques.


- Too much dependency on the checklist hinders the performance in the time-critical situation.

For example, any in-flight emergency or any sort of medical emergency.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Checklist along with its overview.

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