College Placement

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Definition: College Placement

College placement is the process conducted within the educational institutes to provide jobs to its students. In this process, companies visit the colleges to select candidates depending on their requirement and the ability and hard work of the student. This process generally goes on for a week called the Placement week during which the students have to go through a rigorous process.

Process of a College Placement:

1. Pre-Placement Talk: A presentation about the company will be shown to the students. It will include information like selection process, company’s achievements, future scope, salary (if selected), and employment benefits. This session will end with question and answers sessions in which students will be given a chance to ask questions about the company.

2. Education Qualification: Every company will have a specific requirement and a particular set of marks or grade criteria. Qualified students will be selected for the next round.

3. Written Test: Qualified students will undergo a basic aptitude test. The difficulty of the test depends on the company.

4. Group Discussion: A common topic is placed before the group and a formal discussion or knowledge sharing is expected by the GD conductor. The objective of this round is to check clarity of mind, communication skills, listening power, ability to convince, leadership qualities and many more depending on the requirement of the company.

5. Personal Interview: Final round of the selection process, where the student’s personality will be checked. The mental stability that he/she possesses will be tested and the one with greater mental stability will have a greater chance of getting selected as this round will put the student under a lot of stress. The one with greater practical experience will stand a better chance of getting selected. So, having work experience in related field will help a lot.

6. Post-Placement Requirements: Once the student is selected, he/she will be given an offer letter. Document submission as per the guidelines of the company will proceed this.


Hence, this concludes the definition of College Placement along with its overview.

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