Compressed Work Week

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Definition: Compressed Work Week

A compressed work week is a work schedule that lets an employee to work a required 40 work hours (8hours* 5 days), but in lesser no of days. Typically compressed Work Weeks are of 10 hours for 4 days and 12hours 3 days. The work hours and days are decided by negotiation between the employer and the employee.

Factors like employee willingness, client approval, proper management etc. influence decision of implementing a compressed work week schedule.


Advantages of Compressed Work Week

For employees:

• More time for relaxation

• Three days off a week and still preserve a full time employment

• Extended work hours mean travelling beyond usual office hour traffic, thereby saving time

• Saving fuel consumption

• More time for personal and family life


For employers:

• Regularly scheduled

• Easier to coordinate with coworkers and communicate with clients.

• Easier communication as opposed to work-from-home on online work options

• Performance management and supervision is same as other regular employees

• Helps in attracting and retaining the best talents

• Effective communication with clients in different time zones within office hours


Disadvantages of Compressed Work Week

For employee:

• The long work hours can take a toll on mental and physical health

• The work days can be extremely stressful

• Can cause fatigue

• Child or elderly care can be challenging in a compressed work schedule

• Lack of personal or family time on workdays


For employers:

• Long work hours can lead to mental and physical fatigue which in turn can create stress leading to burnout

• Fatigue can result into lower productivity

• May not match the client schedule

• Ineffective internal communication due to mismatching schedules


Hence, this concludes the definition of Compressed Work Week along with its overview.


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