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Definition: Career

Career refers to the occupational progress or action taken by a person throughout his lifetime. It is composed of titles and jobs held over a period of time. Different people have different career goals and thrive to achieve the same.

For some, they have fulfilled they career goals whereas others are less fortunate and feel that their lives and their potential went unfulfilled, but they keep trying to fulfill all their goals and be satisfied in life.

Some people stick with one job for a lifetime (mostly old people in the organization), but the times are changing now, people tend to change their jobs faster to explore more areas and gain more knowledge and experience. The younger generation has high career goals and always wants to learn more and add something to their profile.

Employers, who work hard and support their employees ’career needs, are greatest managers. This helps to keeps the employees happy and help the organization achieve its goals. Completion of personal goals leads to completion of group goals, thereby leading to completion of organizational goals.

Example: A doctor might work for different hospitals and several different areas in the same field; and in later years might own a clinic of his own, but his career would just involve being a doctor.

Aspects of Career:

• Career Management: It refers to the process of developing employees ’career skills and interest and uses these skills and interest most efficiently within the company. Many career management workshops includes providing realistic appraisals, internally filling open jobs and also helps in developing the careers of the employees.

• Career Development: It is a lifelong series of activities and workshops that helps to develop and establish the employee’s career. It also helps the employee’s to explore and fulfill their own career goals successfully.

• Career Planning: This is a formal process through which an employee becomes aware of his/her own personal skills, acquires information about opportunities and choices, understands career related goals and establishes action plan to attain those goals.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Career along with its overview.


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