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Definition: Complaint

It is a written or verbal communication from employee, complaining of discrimination, harassment, discrimination or other objectionable content. Employee verbally states that he/she has been treated “badly” or unfairly. Supervisor/Manager reports that misconduct has occurred. Complaints are submitted through published policy. Complaints consists of statements about workplace or supervisor, comments from employee directly to supervisor or even overheard by supervisor about inappropriate conduct that has occurred in the workplace, comments made outside the workplace, remarks or any such derogatory remarks.

If a Complaint is Made

Duty of the concerned authority is to investigate about it even if,

• complainant asks you not to do so

• you learn about the complaint second hand

• claim appears to be false and made up by the complainant (the claim should be investigated)

The process is

• Gather relevant facts in response to a workplace complaint

• what actually happened; how it ought to be resolved; and, what can be done to prevent future problems.

• Identify potential interviewees and their relationships to the matter

• Decide the order of interviews Identify documents to be reviewed

• Prepare an outline of questions

• Determine the format for recording information from witnesses Review the investigation plan periodically

• Prepare appropriate pre- and post-investigation document

Hence, this concludes the definition of Complaint along with its overview.

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