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Definition: Graphology

Graphology is the analysis of hand writing of an individual .it helps us to gain insight about various characteristics which shapes the complex human being. Through graphology we can easily decode certain patterns of characteristics -strength, weakness, personality traits, emotions, intellect and values that ultimately drives the hiring decision.

Hiring a work force is not just about filling the job positions in an organization but it is something which determines its future transition in the industry. Keeping this in regard various tools are used to identify the right suitable candidate for the vacant job position. Amongst these tools graphology is the prominent one.

An Individual's Physiological And Psychological Functions can easily be understood by analyzing Person's Handwriting. The reason behind use of graphology in all organization i.e manufacturing, finance, marketing or government agencies is its ability to deliver more insights in less time as compared to its subtitutes. Graphology reflects positive as well as negative characteristics of an individual which is often ignored by the traditional method.

Here is the list of characteristics explained with the use of graphology-


those individuals Whose hand writing have Rightward Slant, Long, Sweeping And Heavy T-Bars Are Very Dynamic.



In The People Who Have V Formations In M’s And N’s, And Medium Size Writing are good at numbers and outscore others with their observations.



it is the sigh of resilience When an Individual Has a dominance of Upwards Slope Formations, Sweeping T- Bars And Light Pressure in his hand writing



People Who Have Retraced Lower P Loops Have Precision Trait.



Enthusiasm Trait Includes Rightward Slant And Long, Sweeping T Bars.



The Person Who Is Patient Has Self Control I.E., Umbrella Like T Bars, Tapering M’s And N’s, Clear Wide E’s And Long Finals Of Lower Loops.



Persons Having Round M’s And N’s and clear writing in their hand writing are considered To be methodical thinkers.



handwriting with Balanced And Well -Formed Loops Of Letter F Comprise Good Organizational Ability.



Long, straight Downstrokes Of The Letters Like, G, Y, someone’s hand writing signifies determination



People Having Breakaway Finals In Their Writing Are likely To Have Initiative Taking Ability.


In additional to this list here are certain traits which are exclusively referred with the help of graphology.


According to Graphology The Person Is Considered To Be Deceitful. If he/she Has Double Loops In His Writing, And we have No Trait Present To Counter It



A Person Is Considered to Be Stubborn If the T Bars Are Tent Like in his hand writing.



This trait often proves to be deceivewhen a job require higher degree of soft skills. This Trait varied signs ranging from Long T And D Stems, Backward Slant to T Bar That Slants Down To The Right Of The Stem Of The T is being captured from the handwriting.



Inability to control Emotions is the sign of hysteria. A person whose hand writing has extreme right slant than the person is victim of hysteria. Such insights are of great help in screening candidates for job position which involves high risk.


A work done after the set time line is of no use. Always Efforts are made to judge a person on this parameter and a effective hand writing analysis tells us that a person who is habitual of delaying work has T-Bars dominantly On the left side



Temper plays an important role when we are looking for a person who has to majorly deal with people related issues in his job and absence of proper control and right side T bars pushes him/her to score low on it indirectly it reduces the probability of selection.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Graphology along with its overview.


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