Reasonable Accommodation

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Definition: Reasonable Accommodation

Reasonable accommodation are any changes made in the existing system of an organization in response to the proven need of an employee. The changes are made to accommodate different employees by satisfying proven needs of employees but in no case employer is forced to do so. In other words employer is free from undue pressure of satisfying the needs of employees.

In today’s competitive environment, efforts are made to encourage diversity through conducive working environment .organization follows numerous programs and policies to accommodate people from different culture and different needs in its work force. Such that diversity acts as a differentiating edge over the competitors, and reasonable accommodation could be the reason behind it.

Where changes could be made?

We do not have a defined area where changes could be made but the following are amongst the dominating ones

We can modify the job application process.

We can alter the situation under which jobs are done.

We can change the leave settlement mechanism.

We can provide for flexible working hours.

We can modify the infrastructure of our company.


Process of providing reasonable accommodation

An organization can obtain a win-win situation by adopting a systematic process for providing reasonable accommodation to its employees.


FIG.Process of providing reasonable accommodation

The process starts when employer identifies the need for reasonable accommodation. Further the need is verified by the disclosure. The request is processed by discussing whether to grant accommodation or not and is successfully addressed if it does not put an extra burden on employer.

For example

John smith ,an employee of RS enterprises on being suffered with a permanent disability rewarddd with a reasonable accommodation and as a result following facilities are provided by theel organization.

- Ramp has been made for wheel chair

- Flexible working hour are provided to help him feel comfortable in the organization

- Due to critical medical condition leaves are extended.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Reasonable Accommodation along with its overview.


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