Federal Laws Affecting HR

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Definition: Federal Laws Affecting HR

There are several Federal Laws which affecting HR functioning. Human resource experts and front-line supervisors deal with these challenges while sharing responsibility for attracting and retaining skilled, motivated employees.

HRM departments not only support the organization’s strategic objective but actively pursue an ongoing, integrated plan for furthering the organization’s performance

• Higher employee productivity

• Stronger financial results

• Achieve organization’s strategic goals

• Key players on management team

Federal Legislation

• Discrimination = hiring or promoting of applicants based on criteria that are not job relevant

• Affirmative action = policy requiring employers to take positive steps to guarantee equal employment opportunities for people within protected groups

Major Federal Laws – HRM

• Equal Opportunity/Discrimination Laws

• Compensation/Benefits Laws

• Health/Safety Laws

• Fair Labor Standards Act sets the minimum wage, which is periodically raised by Congress.

• Equal Pay Act eliminates pay differentials based on gender.

• Occupational Safety and Health Act protects worker health and safety, provides for hazard-free workplace

• Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits employment discrimination based on mental or physical disabilities

• Family and Medical Leave Act requires employers to provide unpaid leave for childbirth, adoption, or illness

The EEOC was created by the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It has three basic functions: processing discrimination complaints, issuing written regulations, and information gathering and dissemination.

In processing discrimination complaints, the EEOC follows a three-step process:

• Investigation: An applicant who feels he/she has been discriminated against files a complaint. The EEOC notifies the company of the complaint, but it may take u to two years to begin the investigation.

• Conciliation: If the EEOC finds that a law was violated, it attempts to resolve the case through conciliation, with the goal of reaching a fair settlement while avoiding a trial.

• Litigation: The EEOC can pursue the case through a lawsuit, or can issue a right-to-sue letter to the complainant, who can pursue court action with the blessing of the EEOC.


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