Good Faith Effort

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Definition: Good Faith Effort

A good faith effort is considered to be done is when a company or an agency has exhausted all possible means to deal with affirmative action recruitment or contract goals. An agency or a company is considered to have done a good faith effort when it has given its 100 percent and tried everything but failed to deal with an affirmative action goal through the release of one or more of the following to each a targeted segment.


1. Advertisement done in special interest newspapers or on special interest media news.

2. If the company or the agency is conducting workshops, seminars or job fairs.

3. Contacting special organizations, people (individuals), or groups.

4. Providing exams and tests at the time and location which is convenient to the target audience. For example, the exam can be on weekends, or in the evening, or in not so central location)

5. Evaluating the exams of the target audience for different types of deficiencies that they might have.

6. As a mentor to employees who need help in resume writing or any particular training.

7. Assign points or marks to veteran or not able candidates.

8. Provide translators and language interpreters to employees who cannot speak in English.

9. Contacting churches, community centers, job centers for unemployment etc


1. Advertising in special interest newspapers or on special interest media news.

2. Conducting job fairs, seminars and workshops.

3. Contacting special organizations who have shown interest, people (individual) or groups.

4. Contracts should be unbundling.

5. Should provide help in insurance and bonding.

6. The bid package fees to be waived off.

7. After approval of the MBE portion, the need to return the retainer fees.

8. TO mentor the special interest firms.

9. Access to reading rooms for better study of blueprints and other contract documents.

10. Help the company in becoming certified with State.

11. To give training programs.

12. Outreach programs for affirmative actions.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Good Faith Effort along with its overview.


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