Public Policy Violation

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Definition: Public Policy Violation

Public Policy Violation are certain reasons or events of discharge which is said to be unlawful, which violate the guidelines or policies laid down by companies. Every organization has a set process in place for recruiting employees but none of them has a defined set of reasons for discharge of an employee from the organization.

An event comes under the category of public policy violation when an employer terminates an employee giving a reason which is perceived as unethical, illegal and immoral by its stakeholders (people in general).

Looking from another prospective, a public policy is said to be violated in case an employee is fired because he/she has refuse to certain unlawful, unsafe and tasks as a part of his/her job. Let us say for example an employee is fired because he had refused to dump the chemical waste into the sewage system. The scope of public policy violation is spread across wider extents such that a public policy is violated even if an employee is terminated for doing what is said to be done by the law. For example an employee is terminated because he had supported the government investigation and likewise.

Whistle blowing activity

This is what an employee usually do in case of public policy violation he raises his voice against the happenings or the would be events in the organization and thus faces a termination.

Mentioned bellow the precise list of those events which falls under public policy violation would be very helpful in dealing with this means of wrongful discharge prevailing in many organization.

Participation in union activities

Employee’s refusal to enter into sexual relationship with the supervisor

Supporting the subpoena

Reporting the violations flourishing within the organization to the outside world.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Public Policy Violation along with its overview.


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