Sick Building Syndrome

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Definition: Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is a condition where in the employee having spent long hours in the office building begins to experience symptoms that worsen with the increase in time spent.

Some symptoms are headache, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, tiredness etc. The point to note here is that these symptoms are common to many other day to day ailments and many times, the sick building syndrome goes unnoticed.

Here in the employee may still be involved in the nature of the work, but it is the building that is causing the occupational health risk. This is a critical workplace hazard and needs to be taken seriously while setting the work environment.

It is the legal responsibility of the Human Resource Department to protect all of its employees from any occupational or work place hazard. Therefore Sick Building Syndrome should be taken seriously and be resolved for any employee who is suffering from it.

The lack of ventilation and sunlight is the most common reason for the sick building syndrome. Work places have a significant number of people coming from different back grounds under one roof. Lack of ventilation can pose to be a major threat. Air fresheners or air conditioners are not mostly good enough to kill off the germs. This is particularly a huge issue in sealed off offices in metropolitan cities. The chemicals injected into air through photocopying machines, smoke, cleaning chemicals, adhesives etc can also be a cause for the sick building syndrome.  

Hence, this concludes the definition of Sick Building Syndrome along with its overview.


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