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Definition: Socialisation

Socialisation is the life long process of a being to be a part social and cultural belongingness to the society he or she is a part of. It includes inheriting, understanding and displaying the norms and cultures of the society that help him to participate in it.



a. Discipline - person learns to control basic impulses in order to be accepted by society.

b. Controls human behaviour by maintaining social behaviour and order.

c. In case of a unanimous set of ideas and skills, socialisation is more rapid. For example a child born into a religiously fanatic family is more likely to be a fanatic himself because that is what most of the interactions around him are about.

d. Socialisation takes place formally - schools, office and informally - friends and family.

e. Socialisation is a life ling and continuous process.



a. Primary Socialisation

Socialisation of a new born child in his primary and infant years by his primary care giver. In most cases the mother and thereafter the immediate family.


b. Secondary Socialisation

Social learning received from an institution - schools and through peer groups. That is why the company a child keeps is really important. We are mostly the average of five people we spend most of our time with. This changes the basic behavious.


c. Adult Socialisation

This comes in when one takes on the responsibility. For instance as an employee, husband, wife, parent etc. This changes overt behaviour.


d. Anticipatory Socialisation

Here in men learn the culture of a group with the anticipation of joining that group. For example in the case of cross cultural marriages. The prospective brides learns the traditions, values, languages and culture of the new home.


e. Re - Socialisation

This is the process of deconstructing the old patterns to take on new ones. For example the case of a drug addict who is not rehabilitated. He takes on a new identity and starts life afresh.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Socialisation along with its overview.


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