Norris-La Guardia Act

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Definition: Norris-La Guardia Act

Norris-La Guardia Act was also known as the anti-injunction bill. This act was passed in the year 1932, it eliminated certain judicial barriers and legal barriers against the activities undertaken by the organized labor of the United States of America. The Act allowed the members of the union to have the full freedom of the association. The act banned the federal courts from issuing any kind of injunctions in order to stop picketing, strikes, boycott by the labor unions and prevented the issue of the yellow dog contracts.

Earlier, the employers got the workers to sign a contract that they would only be given jobs if they sign a contract stating that they would not join any labor union, and if they do then they would be fired. The Norris-La Guardia Act came from the congress by Mr. Fiorello La Guardia and Mr. George Norris. The act was passed during the time of great depressions, the public opinion at that time shifted against the employers who always tried to stop workers from joining the unions and also against the judges who abused their powers of the courts to stop the normal working of the labor unions. The Norris-La Guardia Act was a kind of labor law, which was completely in favor of the organized labor. Prior to the act being passed, the employer can easily get the injunction without any notice to the union.

The Norris-La Guardia Act was passed to support following causes:-

1. Any declared yellow dog contract not to be enforceable in any of the American court.

2. The American federal courts to issue the injunctions against the peaceful assembling, patrolling and striking in relation to any kind of labor dispute.

3. To define the term labor dispute as broadly as possible to get the clear demarcation and avoid any controversy related to the terms and conditions of employment.

4. Given that, in any sort of dispute where an injunction is passed, the American federal courts will completely comply with procedural safeguards.


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