Union Busting

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Definition: Union Busting

Union Busting is a derogatory term used by the media and organisations that deal with the rights and emancipation of labour. The varied range of activities that are related to dismantling and disruption of trade unions fall under the umbrella of union busting. These tactics can be both violent or subtle. Trade unions try to undertake the activities that fall under the purview of the law. But there is a wide range of illegal activities as well.

The basic and fundamental premise is that whenever the employees form a union in order to have a better life conditions and have their aspirations met - the employees often fight back using the tactics of union busting. A union buster is either an attorney or any other person who is hired to train supervisors to convince or persuade the employee to vote down the trade union.

The law does not allow the employer to intimidate or force the employer to not act with his co worker and form a trade union. But with the help of outsider consultants the employers do so and use many tactics to silence the employees.

Various Instances of Union Busting

a. Bad Faith Bargaining - This is when the management unnecessarily and on purpose does not negotiate with the union by denying even the most basic demands. They basically reject all the demands put forth by the union thereby discrediting it.

b. Managers attempt a 'psychological war' on the activist workers and other workers. They question the workers about who is behind the campaigns. They also publically humiliate activist workers or give them disciplinary warnings. This way they create a hostile environment for the activists.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Union Busting along with its overview.


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