Wellness Program

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Definition: Wellness Program

Wellness Programs aim to promote and celebrate physical wellness and fitness in an organisation. It is a well know fact that a healthy body is home for a healthy mind and these wellness programs are based on this philosophy.


A wellness program will help the employee to plan - discounts, rewards, memberships and other incentives. Sometimes there are special and unique wellness programs that help the employee - lose weight, get fit, stop smoking or manage diseases like diabetes. Wellness programs fall under the umbrella of corporate wellbeing.


Research shows empirical evidence that correlates - nutrition, physical health and overall productivity at workplace.


Some companies have many wellness programs in place for their employees. Taking the overall care of physical, emotional and spiritual health of the employees is a part of the company's wellness programs. Few points which companies consider are:

a. Companies conduct research and development for its employees. Its role is to find the unique and exciting ways to improve the health of its employees.

b. Classes conducted by the employees for the rest of the employees. These classes range from topics like - parenting to kick boxing to public speaking and management.

c. Insurance and emergency services for employees when they are travelling for work or pleasure.

d. Special Programs for new parents or people who want to join back education again.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Wellness Program along with its overview.


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