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Definition: Stressor

A stressor is an external stimulus. It can be a biological or an environmental change in external conditions that causes stress to the organism. This stress can be of varied degree, depending upon the nature of the stressor and the affect that it has on the organism.

Below are examples of various stressors that affect an average white collar employee:

a. Environmental Stressors - These can be overcrowded rooms, poor air-conditioned and ventilated office halls

b. Daily Stress Events - traffic jams, family feuds, physical exercise

c. Life Changes - separation, divorce, loss due to death, bereavement

d. Workplace Stressors - a bad boss, imbalance between the expectation and the output, bad sitting posture, too much exertion, loss of control over events

e. Chemical Stressors - Banned substances which have side effects on the body

f. Social Stressor - demands, expectations and pressure of society

Stressors always generate a reaction within the organism's body. These reactions are what cause the harm and not the stressor itself. If the organisms learns to somehow manipulate the reaction, he can control how a stressor will affect its system.

Countless organisations these days conduct wellness programs for employees to be healthy both physically and mentally. These stressors are basically a threat that will eventually affect the overall productivity of the organisation. These wellness programs include - Employee Assistance Programs. In order to save time and energy for the employee most of the campuses of organisation offer a lot of customised on campus facilities like - dry cleaner and laundry service, pharmaceutical store, general store, post office etc. Telecommunication and flexi hours are also schemes that are used to somehow help the employee to combat the stressors.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Stressor along with its overview.

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