Utilisation Analysis

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Definition: Utilisation Analysis

Utilisation Analysis is an important practice for organisations as it give timely (weekly, monthly or yearly) reports that facilitate the planning model of the business. Most of the businesses today make money from the demand that its resources or outputs deliver. These reports help them to take decisions.


Examples of Utilisation Analysis

a. Consultancy Firm - The utilisation of its employees that charge on a hourly basis and the degree to which they are utilised is a Key Performance Indicator.

b. Manufacturing Business - Every process within the organisation must be uniformly utilised.


Utilisation Analysis in Human Resource Management

• Workforce analysis is combined with the utilisation analysis.

• The Utilisation Analysis will compare the organisations workforce and check how many of its employees are protected ie. the laws pertaining to them are in compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity or Affirmative Action compliance. These employee conditions are compared to the local market labour conditions in the particular sector.

• Utilisation and workforce analysis together gives the cross dimensional analysis to the employer

• The utilisation analysis will also give results that tell how and to what level certain minority groups are underutilized within the organisation.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Utilisation Analysis along with its overview.


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