Virtual Reality at Workplace

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Definition: Virtual Reality at Workplace

Virtual Reality at Workplace refers to the creation of a simulated environment with the help of computer technology. It plays a crucial role in talent acquisition and developing a customized training program for the new and current employees. It helps the employees by providing them platforms including the kiosks and access to different websites or outsourcing the unnecessary HR services, e.g apple has outsourced the manufacturing of parts to other countries only the assembly and final delivery of products happens from its head office.

Example. During the hiring process, every candidate who will be a probable employee of the company XYZ is asked to think over and decide whether he wants to join the organization or not but it isn’t an easy decision for him to do so as he doesn’t have any idea about the working of the organization. Virtual reality concept enables such prospective employee to experience the life of an employee in that organization by walking through the facilities and having a word with the managers in the organization. A company uses virtual reality practices as it helps them save cost, minimize certain risks involved with some specific tasks and also it helps them in having a competitive edge over their competitors. As mentioned previously it helps the company in recruiting(virtual job fairs through online job portals), on-boarding(online induction modules), training and development(outsourced training programs) etc.

Also when the recruitment is being done at the senior level, assessment and feedback is required by each and every member who is at the senior most level at that point in time virtual reality helps by arranging for everyone at the same place at the same time, especially the top level management who always have a time crunch.

This technology has a long way to go especially in HR domain, it’s here to stay but the real challenge in front of the organizations is to implement it with people’s support, since change specially a technological one isn’t that easy.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Virtual Reality at Workplace along with its overview.


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