Representation Certification

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Definition: Representation Certification

Representation Certification of a union is the certification required by the group of employees forming a union, so as to establish itself as an official and legal representative of the workers. A union needs to be certified in order to claim itself as the exclusive representative of the workers. Once a union is certified the employee – employer relationship changes in that any negotiation regarding the policies, rules and regulations of the organization must be conducted in a collective manner as opposed to individual.

In order to apply for union certification the proposed bargaining unit must have at least 45% support from employees. The proposed union may then apply to the Labor Relations Board for the certificate.

Within 10 days of the application a secret ballot vote is conducted. Within the next 1 week the application will proceed to a hearing which will pass if the proposed bargaining unit fulfill the requirements set forth by the Labor Relation Code, are suitable representation and have membership support. Once the hearing is cleared the court orders the secret ballot to be counted. If there is majority support the union will be certified.


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