Physiological Symptoms

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Definition: Physiological Symptoms

Physiological Symptoms are the bodily symptoms that crop up when under stress or anxiety. These symptoms though purely physical are deeply connected to the psychological state of the mind. Stress regarding work or personal life is one of the major contributing factors of these symptoms.


Human body is designed to handle a certain amount of stress. In certain amount stress is even positive as it keeps one sharp and reactive. But when that threshold is crossed the body reacts by displaying certain indicators.


Below are listed are some psychological symptoms:

• Excessive sweating: Under extreme duress and stress sweating occurs

• Dry mouth: Stress can cause mouth to get dry and can lead to trouble in swelling

• Shaking of limbs: Shaking of hands and feet can result under stress

• Muscle tension

• Increase in heart rate

• Increase in blood pressure

• Numbness of hands, feet and even face can occur in case of extreme stress

• Prolonged stress can cause insomnia or lack of sleep


Coping with psychological symptoms of stress:

• Acknowledge need of help: The first step towards dealing with stress is acknowledging the fact that one needs help. The managers should be ready to help their subordinates and counsel them whenever needed

• Medical attention: In case of a physical stress attack the individual should be brought to medical attention immediately. Employees should attend workshops for tackling such situations regularly

• Counselling: Employees displaying stress symptoms should be provided counselling regularly to avoid any sort of breakdown, mental or physical.

• Mental health check-up: due to increasing work pressure, mental health of employees is often effected. Regular health check-ups in the organization should also include mental health assessment to avoid stress related illnesses.

• Change in lifestyle: The hectic work schedules result in sleep deprivation and inconsistent eating habits. These factors cab degrade individuals not only physically but also take a toll on their mental health. Employees should be encouraged to maintain healthy lifestyle and steps should be taken from the management end to help them do the same


Hence, this concludes the definition of Physiological Symptoms along with its overview.

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