Complaint Procedure

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Definition: Complaint Procedure

Complaint Procedure is the formally defined process by which employees can register their grievances against company policies, organizational authorities, peers, subordinates etc. Workplace conflicts are inevitable. Preferably, they should be resolved informally with the help of appropriate managers and/or Human Resource department. However, in case of issues that cannot be dealt with informally, formal conflict resolution processes are designed.

Complaint procedures are important for:

• Documentation: Documenting the incident to keep a track of the events and the process followed to resolve the issue

• Follow up: Following up with the victim to ensure that they are not facing the same problems any more

• Transparency: Transparency in the complaint procedure encourages the employees to come forward with their grievances, thereby taking action against harasser becomes easier

• Increased employee trust: Proper and transparent complaint procedure increases the employee-employer trust.

• Fairness: A fair complaint procedure not only helps in a fair trial but also helps the company in gaining good PR

• Prevent recurrence: A fairly treated complaint can be used as an example to prevent future recurrences of such incidents

• Future reference: In case of any complaints, past references can be drawn from similar cases to understand the steps taken to resolve the issues and penalties imposed

Steps of a complaint procedure:

• Employee registers complaint

• Management acknowledges receipt of complaint

• Investigation started

• Appropriate actions suggested

• Actions implemented

• Follow up with complainant

• Documentation

Aim of Complaint procedure:

• Finding the accused who violated the organizations rules and regulations and take appropriate actions

• Conduct a fair and transparent investigation

• Sentence the guilty appropriate sentence

• Keep the process confidential so that the witnesses, proofs and evidences are not compromised

Complaint procedures are used when:

• When informal negotiations fail to reach any conclusion, the complainant might request for a formal complaint procedure to be conducted

• When criminal laws charges are filed

• When an organization files its own charge

Hence, this concludes the definition of Complaint Procedure along with its overview.

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