Restricted Policy

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Definition: Restricted Policy

Restricted policy is one of the widely used tool hampering equal employment opportunity for individuals in various organizations. It occurs whenever human resource management activities excludes a particular group of people from the various job related processes (may be division of work) in the organization. It may include promotion, transfer, discharge layoff etc.

For instance a company with reference to its layoff policy orders a layoff of exclusive number of employees over age can also include the strategy of a various multi -national companies to hire only from college campuses for its entry level positions.

Discrimination is the integral part of society and so as in the lives of people. Every individual has faced or likely to face the heat of discrimination in life. Even this may happen on applying for the job or while doing the other words usually discrimination dominates the working environment at the time of promotions and transfers under various departments in the organization.

Discrimination penetrates within the organization through various direct and indirect means always we have one or other rights of people at stake .furthermore in case of discrimination one party is favored at the cost of rights of other party. Restricted policy is one amongst that tools which facilitates the same.


However looking from the organizational prospective, such policies are very helpful because it not only reduces the training need and change management efforts in an organization but also helps them to grow competitively in the industry.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Restricted Policy along with its overview.


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