Competency Based Assessment

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Definition: Competency Based Assessment

Competency based assessment is the process whereby a assessor or a line manager works with the trainee so as to get an idea about the competence of employee of the organization for this a line manager uses the bench mark formed by the unit level of the organization which indirectly fulfil the national and legal qualifications

Every individual certainly brings a different set of knowledge skill and abilities at work which differentiates him/her from other employees and derives value for the business is the abilities as well the competencies of employees which helps an organization to escalate towards success.

As in today’s competitive environment one can’t overlook the importance of competencies available within the organization .many business organization try to assess and map different competencies of each and every individual employee of their organization such that they could bang on it in future. Because it is nothing else but the competencies of employees helps a human resource manager to encode a training program and also form an organizational point of view it helps them chart down the expansion plan of the business .behind all this advantages there lies a systematic process of competency based assessment now a days usually done by every 4 out of 5 business organization

fig. process of competancy based assessment


The primary aim of this process is to test employee against the bench mark but not to declare him/her as pass or fail. It is a quite lengthy process during which a trainee is required to various tests and assignment such that he/she gets abundant opportunity to show case skill and competences to the organization.

Benefits of competency based assessment

It is the continuous process of building knowledge and skills which aptly addresses the need of staying ahead on the curve.

Under this process the trainee demonstrate the actual skills and knowledge as a result certain extraordinary skills are utilized and training needs are addressed accordingly.

With the help of this process in place in various organization employees can get national recognized qualification.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Competency Based Assessment along with its overview.


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