Peer Orientation

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Definition: Peer Orientation

Peer orientation is the that approach of orientation under which an employee during his/her orientation period is closely supervised by one of his peers in the organization in other words during the orientation if a person is supervised by some who possess same skills qualifications and background would come under the umbrella of peer orientation


Peer orientation the approach followed by mostly all global companies .using this approach they concentrate on building emotional takeaways and simultaneously they look for the peer coach or “buddy” to orient the newcomer in the organization. The peer buddy is an existing employee with similar skillset but has completed at least six months in the organization.

Not only recruiting the right employee but rightly onboarding him/her in the organization is important to achieve the long term other words it is not enough to get right people for job but the preliminary job behind beginning of their journey in the organization is very important. Research suggests that more than 83 %of the companies uses the orientation programme but get benefit from essence of it

It is very unfortunate that utility of such programs varies on person to person basis as some orientation programs majorly provide factual information and some involve a tiresome paper work as a result of which the utility of orientation programs get lost round the corner because it fails to establish a connect and contact with the new employee of the organization

However it is rightly said that even a global organization should act locally so as to successfully onboard employees in the organization, this is the way peer orientation had fetched due importance in the industry.

For an effective orientation a peer is desirable to do the following tasks-

Prepare the list of items about which a new comer wants to know when he firsts enters into the organization.

Be available for at least 15 minutes per day during the newcomer’s first week at work.

Peer should provide feedback and encouragement to the newcomer.

Peer should guide newcomer to expand network within the organization.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Peer Orientation along with its overview.


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