Privacy Act

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Definition: Privacy Act

The privacy act 1974 of US is amongst the numerous efforts put forward by various countries to address this concern. The privacy act advocates fair information practices and thus any sharing or transfer of information within various interest group without written consent. The privacy act also equipped individual with the means by which they can seek amendments into their records. This acts binds all units of US government.

From history to literature privacy the most serious concern amongst individual. Efforts are high on both sides of the coin some people tried to hamper it while some of them tried hard to protect their individuality. All efforts are made to conquer the ill will of certain class of society so as to respect the privacy of masses.

It projects the following exception the data can be freely shared if it is going to be used for the following purposes

• For law enforcement process.

• For the use of census burro.

• If the record is of historical value.

• For congressional investigation.

• And any other administrative processes.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Privacy Act along with its overview.

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