Health Promotion

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Definition: Health Promotion

Health promotion covers the various programs designed by the company for mental and physical wellbeing of its employees .it may be in the form of regular health check-up of employees seminars and other seminars for spreading awareness regarding stress management and prevention of disease among employees health promotion programs has its root in the socio ecological model of health which is spread across the individual, family, workplace community and larger environment and health advocacy so as to create and impact public policy at organizational local regional and national levels.


Today, health promotion is known as an integral part of human resource management .Health promotion programs are very helpful in achieving improvement in physical, psychological educational and better workplace outcome for our employees .these promotional program mainly focuses on prevention of health problems thus reduces overall health care cost for the organization promoting healthy life style for creating an impact on the lives of individuals and thus by and large uplifting the state of society we are working in.

Wealth generation by a particular business operation greatly depends upon the health of the employees working for can’t be wrong in any way that profitability of an organization goes in hand with health of its employees. Also Healthy employees are proactive and innovative at work which could definitely help an organization to gain edge over its competitors. As a result, organizations are actively trying hard to align health of an organization with its employees wellbeing .such that we can see a considerable increase in the cash outflow of various companies and major chunk of this amount is spent on “Health Promotion”

An effective health promotion program is a means through which an employee displays its accountability for employees health and sustainable future of the is not a one day show but a continuous effort which is better to be imbibed in the philosophy of the company because it not not reduce the overall health care cost of the business but also provide better ROI by facilitating outstanding performance of our employees


Hence, this concludes the definition of Health Promotion along with its overview.

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