Hostile Environment

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Definition: Hostile Environment

Hostile environment is any kind of hindrance or harassment (physical or mental) which negatively affect the performance of employees in the organization. It the sum total of unacceptable conduct of an employee’s superior or subordinates which distract him/her at work.

At present where people of different age group works together in the organization harassment is one major cause of hostile environment. This issue is very rampant in various organization as a result judiciary has formulated special laws to protect women at workplace

List of the certain unacceptable conducts which constitutes the hostile environment at workplace

• comments, jokes 

• Abusive oriented phone calls and messages

• Request for dates

• Comment about employee’s physical appearance

• Requirement that employee should wear provocative uniform at work

• Graffiti

Though today we have many laws that protect employees at workplace but actually only quite a few cases are reported and rescued in the organizations.

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