Approved Code of Practice

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Definition: Approved Code of Practice

The approved codes of practice are the guiding set of rules and minimum requirements or duties for the companies which help consumers, employees and other stakeholders by setting standards.

These are the rule set by the government for the maintenance of minimum standards. In Human resources management these rules indicate the minimum wages to be paid for its employees, Maximum working hours, regulations regarding retaining the personal information of the employees or job applicants, minimum requirements and facilities provided to the employees etc. In manufacturing sector, approved code of conduct ensures the quality of the product

There might not be strict regulations for the companies to follow these rules and it is not an offence but during the cases of incidents in courts, the companies which have not followed the Approved codes of practice will likely to be at fault. This is because approved code of practice is formulated by government to maintain some standards, and not following them indicates that quality of the product is poor and hence for any problems caused to the consumers due to that, the company will be held responsible.

Example: National Bed Federation (NBF) has set some standards on making of beds so as to reduce the flammability of beds. As poor quality beds were highly inflammable. The complete bed was burnt within matter of seconds when a small fire was set to it. Hence following that standards by NBF would help reduce the risk of inflammability.


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