Fixed-Term Contracts Directive

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Definition: Fixed-Term Contracts Directive

Fixed-Term Contracts Directive are directives in the law to protect discrimination experienced by the employee of fixed term contracts in getting informing about permanent vacancies and other such issues. The directives prevent discrimination to the employees with the fixed term of contract. Also employees with fixed terms contract must be informed about the permanent vacancies in the organizations.

Also in certain countries if fixed term contracts are continued for the certain number of years then then such employment contract become permanent employment contract. Purpose of Fixed-Term Contracts Directive of European Union

-to prevent discrimination experienced by employees under fixed term contract

-to reduce the use of the fixed term contract as a means to discriminate between the employees.

Many times employers try to use fixed term contracts as the means to save on cost related to employee welfare. Also these contracts are renewed until organizational needs are fulfilled. In these case person working under these contracts suffers discrimination as compared to permanent employee who earns all welfare benefits. Employers tend to keep permeant posts very limited in numbers and exploit opportunities offered under fixed term contracts.

Important conditions under Fixed-Term Contracts Directive

1. Contractual relationship must between individual employee and employer. This specifically excluded employees of the agency hired by employer for doing specific work.

2. There is particular limit which come into play when sufficient renewal of such fixed contract happens. Once this period elapses, contracts becomes same as that with permeant employee.

3. Same type of working environment is to be provided to employee under fixed term contract as that has been provided to permanent employees unless there is some necessary condition which can be justified objectively.

4. Employee under the fixed term contract must receive the same kind of training as that received by permeant employee to perform their duties.

5. Same information must be provided to fixed term contract employees as to permeant employee about employment opportunities for the permanent employment.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Fixed-Term Contracts Directive along with its overview.


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